Things to know prior to your in-person appt:

1. You will receive a screening questionnaire through Jane prior to your visit with instructions to cancel/reschedule if you are considered COVID screen positive

2. You are asked to wear a three layer mask to their appointment and during their time in the clinic and building

3. Please inform the clinic prior to your appointment if you do not have a three layer mask so that one can be provided for you.

4. You are asked to sanitize hands upon arrival into the clinic

5. You are asked to arrive at the time of your appointment, not earlier

6. You should arrive alone (no partners or children), unless you are a minor and/ or require assistance.

7. Screening questions will be asked of each patient upon their arrival

8. Your temperature (contactless) may be taken if screener and therapist think appropriate

9. Successful in-clinic screening completion will be documented by your treating clinician, and pre-screen will be documented through Jane survey completed prior to your appointment

10. You may be asked to stand at a designated area to maintain physical distancing or directed immediately to a treatment room

11. You will be asked to wash your hands immediately after treatment completion, prior to exiting treatment rooms. Signs on proper handwashing will be clearly posted

12. You should leave immediately after your appointment and can book subsequent visits on-line or via phone