Sarah Marshall, PT


Sarah holds a Master’s of Physiotherapy with Merit from Robert Gordon University, Scotland, and a Bachelor’s of Science with Honours from the University of Western Ontario.

Sarah became passionate about pelvic health physiotherapy after working in a health & fitness setting with women who were pregnant or post-partum.  She has since dedicated her continued training and professional development to the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, including pelvic pain, urogenital dysfunction, paediatric pelvic floor dysfunction, and lactation-induced inflammation of the breast (mastitis or blocked ducts).

Sarah is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and it’s Women’s Health and Pain Science Divisions, as well the International Urogynecological Association and the International Pelvic Pain Society.  Sarah is a Lab Assistant with Pelvic Health Solutions and a volunteer lab facilitator with the University of Toronto’s Department of Physical Therapy.